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1/96 Flight III Los Angeles Class (688I)

Image of jeff-city01.jpg

The above picture is an actual photo of the SSN 759
Jefferson City.This is the sub that my model represents.

brief history

the cold war of the 1960's resulted in the design of two new classes of u.s. navy submarines:the los angeles class attack
submarine(ssn-submersible ship,nuclear), and the ohio class ballistic missle submarine(ssbn-submersible ship,ballistic,nuclear).
the attack submarine was designed to be faster,quieter,and more technologically advanced than her russian counterparts.
twenty years have passed since since uss los angeles(ssn688)
was commisioned as the lead ship in a class of 62.the last
los angeles class submarine commisioned was the uss cheyenne
(ssn773).the cheyenne was commisioned september 13, 1996
at pier 12, nolfolk naval station.
the most modern u.s. navy
submarine the uss seawolf(ssn 21), was launched in the summer
of 1996.two additional boats in this class have been approved.
the long term future of the us navy submarine program rests
on a new design: the new attack submarine,or nssn.

the model

Image of la1.jpg
Image of la12.jpg

these images show the conning tower and arrays

Image of la9.jpg
Image of la8.jpg

side view

view from stern.note ringed prop

Image of la5.jpg Image of la4.jpg

view from bow with cover removed.
note flotation around battery.

another view of bow section
with cover removed.

Image of la3.jpg
this view shows the stern
visible are the rudder and
stern plane linkages.also
visible is the prop shaft
univeral coupling and the
thrust bearing bulkhead.

Image of la2.jpg
this view shows the WTC,
(water tight cylinder).visible at top
of wtc is the gas cylinder that
holds compressed gas (propel) to
blow ballast tank.

Image of constr13.gif

more coming soon!