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Type VIIC German U-Boat

Image of tipoviic.jpg

artist's rendering of type viic u-boat

brief history.

in the viic , donitz had found what he was looking for.a relatively
small(626 ton), highly manuverable and versatile had the
additional advantage of being cheaper.This meant that more could be produced within the german naval budget and to the limits of the anglo - german naval agreement.the viic was the most produced
single submarine design in history.over 600 were completed and
many more approached completion by wars end,although by then
they were hopelessly obsolete.with a strengthend hull allowing
it to dive 25m deeper than it's predecessors.the type viic could
dive to 125m, although it was known to achieved depths double
that in emergencies.the viic played havoc on allied shipping during
the early part of the war.It was known as the terror of the

the model

Image of myuboat.jpg

this is a picture of my type viic is the dynamic diving type.

Image of viia.jpg

view from the bow

Image of viib.jpg

another view from bow

Image of viid.jpg

view of back of conning tower

Image of viie.jpg

view of conning tower,foward deck,and bow.

Image of viif.jpg

side view

Image of viig.jpg

bow and bow planes.

Image of viih.jpg

conning tower

Image of viij.jpg

inside the pressure hull showing drive universals.

Image of viik.jpg

the pressure hull lid.the two round objects are knurled
knobs that hold down and seal the lid.

Image of viil.jpg

drive motor, gearing and universal shafts.

Image of viim.jpg

servo tray.

more coming soon

Image of constr13.gif