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Soviet Typhoon SSBN

Image of t16.jpg
soviet ssbn typhoon on the surface

Image of typ1.jpg

this is the r/c typhoon looking at bow.

Image of typ2.jpg

side view of typhoon

Image of typ3.jpg

the inside showing the wtc.

Image of typ4.jpg

another view showing placement of wtc.

Image of typ5.jpg

still another view of the front end is the reciever.
inthe middle is the rudder are the two drive motors.
these are modified mini servos.the shafts on either side is the drive
shafts for the props,and the one in the middle is the rudder
control shaft.the props are counter-rotating.

the round objects are ballast weights.

Image of typ6.jpg

view from above

Image of typ7.jpg

view from stern

Image of typ8.jpg

another view inside stern.

Image of typ9.jpg

wtc.note battery in bow

Image of constr13.gif

more to come