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Construction Tips and Techniques


enough cannot be said about tools.model submarine construction
some tools many of us have around the house already.but as
you will see when you get into your project that building
models, especially the scales we are dealing with will require
some specialized tools that will make your job much easier.
every modeler needs a good toolbox in which to store his or her tools.
keeping your tools in a toolbox keeps them organized
and readily available.("now I know that darn exacto knife is
around here somewhere,heck I just laid it down").
I'm not saying go out and buy every tool thats shown here,but
aquire them as you go along and develop you skills.The following is a recomended list of tools that will be needed at some point
as your project evolves.

Image of tool1.jpg
Dremel tool.this tool is one of the most versatile tools
you can can sand,cut.file,debur,polish,shape,drill,
you name it.the one here is a dremel multi comes
with a lot of different heads and bits ect.,and a carrying case.
it is variable speed from 5000-30,000 rpm.i recomened the
varible speed model as different task call for different speeds.
man this thing really hums at 30,000 rpm.when you use one of these be sure to read and follow the saftety instructions,
and wear safety glasses.

Image of tool2.jpg
helping hands.these things are great.has clamps on ball and socket joints with thumbscrews to tighten them.also 3x
magnifier and heavy cast base to keep it steady.they are very useful
for holding small parts while you solder or while the glue
dries.also very useful for holding small parts under
magnification while detailing.can be picked up at just about any
well stocked tool store.I picked mine up at a flea market for

Image of tool3.jpg
mini torch and solder and torches are real
good for small soldering jobs where not many btu's are
needed such as building linkage rods and connectors,
making antennas ect.good water soluble flux and 95/5
solder is a careful when using torches as they can
cause a seriuos burn in an instant.the paticular mini torch
pictured puts out uses ordinary butane lighter fluid available anywhere.
Image of tool4.jpg
hobby knives.every modeler needs a couple of these.
pictured here are exacto knives.the blades are very sharp
and allow you to make precision cuts.get a selection of blades for different cutting needs.
Image of tool5.jpg
hemostats and surgical scissors.hemostats are used
by medical personel to pinch off bleeding arteries.
they are useful to the model builder for clamping small
parts.surgical scissors are very sharp and of high quality.
both of these available at medical supply houses.
Image of tool6.jpg
cordless drill and model submarine work
you will often have to drill several holes of different
sizes.having a good drill,preferably cordless,is
essential.a good selection of drill bits is also needed.

Image of tool7.jpg
coping saw.this is a valuble addition to the sub modelers toolbox.
it's useful for cutting out bulkheads ect.

Image of tool9.jpg

dividers(compass), small file, tweezers, and scribing tool.
dividers are useful for laying out locations at exact intervals.
an example would be laying out holes for railings on the side
of a conning tower on a u-boat.small files are good for finishing up shaping things like a limber hole.tweezers are great for holding small parts while glue is applied and its positioned on the model.scribing tools are used for scribing detail into the hulls surface.this should be practiced on scrap before scribing model.

Image of tool10.jpg

airbrush and propellant.airbrushes are good for painting
entire hulls or small detail like rust streaks.nozzle can
be adjusted from wide to small making it a versatile tool.

Image of tool11.jpg

soldering iron.tinner, rosin core(electrical) solder.
you'll need a good soldering set when you need to
splice wires ect.

there are other tools you will need,such common tools as: screwdrivers,pliers,small
wrenches,allen wrences,ect...

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