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Welcome to Richard's R/C Submarines

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If you are intrested in R/C submarines
you've come to the right place.I hope you will enjoy your visit and come back soon!

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This website was designed for people who are
intrested in becoming involved in this ever-
growing hobby.This hobby can be very
challenging,but is very rewarding.This website
displays my models and some construction
techniques I have used to complete my projects.
It also provides links to other modelers'
websites and to vendors who sell kits and
parts for R/C Submarines.So Let's get started!

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1/96 Flight III Los Angeles Class(668I)

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1/32 Scale Type XXIII German U-Boat

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Type VIIC German U-Boat

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1/200 Soviet Typhoon SSBN

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How They Work

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Construction Tips and Techniques

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